Tertre Roteboeuf has been a family affair for a few generations at this point. It started when the estate was known as Le Tertre. The traditional farmhouse on the estate was constructed in the early 18th century, about 1730, give or take. Jumping ahead, the modern era for Tertre Roteboeuf starts when it was it was owned by François Mitjavile’s future, father-in-law. In 1961, after he passed away, it was next inherited by his daughter Miloute. She and her cousins came to an agreement. She owned the vineyards. They had the time and the knowledge as they were already established producers in Saint Emilion. Her cousins were experienced as they already owned Chateau Bellefont-Belcier, where the wine of Le Tertre was being produced. So a partnership was formed which gave birth to what we know of as Tertre Roteboeuf today.

Tasting Notes

“A sensational effort, Tertre Roteboeuf’s 2005, along with the 2000, is one of the most profound wines made by Francois Mitjavile. A dense ruby/purple color is followed by a stunning perfume of sweet black currants, jammy cherries, licorice, and spice. Full-bodied and opulent with high, but remarkably sweet, velvety tannins as well as a stunning texture and a finish that lasts nearly a minute, this prodigious St.-Emilion should be drinkable in 3-4 years, and last for two decades or more. Kudos to the proprietor.” [98/100 Robert M Parker Junior,]