Gianfranco Soldera’s natural vinegrowing and winemaking project is based on a fundamental principle: to produce a fine wine it is necessary to look after not only the vines, but also the surrounding environment.

The best contribution man can make to vinegrowing and winemaking is to heed farming culture and knowledge and to solve problems through the study and application of techniques that scientific and technological innovation have put at his disposal.

The size of the vineyards is limited (a total of 10 hectares), so that the plants can be worked by hand and the harvest, which is also manual, can be done in a short time.

Ageing: carried out in Slavonian oak barrels for 62 months followed by an additional six to 12 months in bottle before release.

Tasting Notes

A vintage Paolo described as ‘difficilissima’. It was notorious throughout most of Italy with masses of rain. They rejected so many grapes that one hectare produced only 400 kg of them.
The nose is not as directly aromatic as most vintages. But actually amazingly rich and lively for the vintage and the long with a refreshing note of mint. Quite a miracle really.  []