It is in Sicily, in the western part of the island, in Marsala, that Marco De Bartoli strongly believing in the viticulture traditions of his territory, rediscovers and nourishes the deep root between the traditional and innovative methods of working the soil and winemaking.

Looking for an excellent quality, combined with the respect for Sicilian wine traditions, Marco chooses native grapes, especially Grillo, cultivated in Sicily since the Phoenician age and main grape of the classic Marsala wine, and Zibibbo, from which is obtained the well-known Moscato Passito of Pantelleria.

Terzavia, meaning “the third way”, is an interpretation of Grillo that represents the tradition of an evolving territory, highlighting unexplored characteristics so far. French tradition with a strong Sicilian personality. Grillo is a variety that continues to amaze with its versatility and strength in this “third way”, a traditional method sparkling wine, expressing a land highly suited to great wines.

100% Grillo. The clusters are manually selected and the grapes are cooled. A direct soft pressing of the whole clusters follows and, after a natural decanting of the must, fermentation starts in stainless steel tanks and continues, for only 20% of the grapes, in French oak barrels at a controlled temperature (air conditioning). The fermentation is activated by wild yeasts and with a minimum use of sulfites.
After tirage, at least 18 months in bottle, always on its own lees. Pas dosé.

Tasting Notes

Though not part of the local culture, technology allows sparkling to be made, so they do. They’ve experimented over the last nine years, so no longer vinify in barrels. Oxidative, bruised pear and yellow peach fruit. Just a hint of toast yeast notes. Bruised apple and apple skin. Add chalky, chewiness. Crisp with a touch of flint.