The origin of the refinement and elegance of Pibarnon wines lies in its captivating site overlooking the Mediterranean, where the vines, planted on restanques (traditional Provençal dry-stone retaining walls) up to 300 metres above sea level, live in perfect symbiosis with a carefully preserved ecosystem and an exceptional local soil. Those factors on their own would justify the estate’s classification as a “clos” or a “climate”, like the great wines of Burgundy.

NUANCES Rosé was born out of our continuous tastings of Pibarnon’s young and older vintage Rosés. This is how the idea for a Grand Rosé sprung up: a rosé that would be deliberately kept in the cellar during the first spring and the first summer and would then be launched in the autumn, to be served with white meats, autumn and winter dishes, whilst maintaining hints of the Mediterranean.

Tasting notes

The 2020 Bandol Rosé »Nuances« is a pure Mourvèdre. The vines are planted in an “amphitheatre” facing the sea on Triassic clay, limestone and chalk. For this vin de guard only the best and oldest vines are used. The juice flows off using the saignée method, is slowly fermented at around 22 ºC and then aged half in 30-hectolitre Stockinger barrels and the other half in cellar amphorae.The 2020 Bandol Rosé Nuances is like a fruit basket full of sour cherries, berries, apples and oranges. Lining this brilliant expression of fruit are roses, ivy, olives, beetroot, rosemary and thyme. What a magnificent, aromatic prelude already in the fragrance of a powerful and expressive rosé.Juicy, sweet, tart, it is once again a real revelation on the palate. A rosé with tannin and expression, the notes of red fruits and especially the orange are very present on the tongue, which makes it a fantastic food companion, here the kitchen can draw from the full range of creativity.

*Organic Viticulture