The winery is situated in the middle of several acres of vineyards Vittorio Foradori purchased in 1929, in the town of Mezzolombardo. Foradori does not use synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. They are certified by ICEA and Demeter since 2009. They harvest the grapes from vineyards covering 26 hectares – 80% of Teroldego, 15% of Manzoni Bianco and 5% of Nosiola – to produce an average of 160,000 bottles per year: 90,000 of Foradori, 20,000 of Granato, 20,000 of Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco, 8,000 of Fontanasanta Nosiola and 10,000 for each of the old vineyards of Teroldego Sgarzon and Morei.

“Morei” means dark in the dialect of Trentino and the grapes from this vineyard mirror this meaning. Their roots plunge deep in the stones and sand of the soil carried by the river Noce giving rise to wines with a dense and mineral texture. Thus, Teroldego Morei takes shape and is reborn amplified and transformed.

The Teroldego is the gold of Tyrol, according to the most accredited etymology. Mineral, floral and spicy, complete and persuasive by nature, this red finds its highest expression in the biodynamic interpretation of Elisabetta Foradori. This is demonstrated by the Morei and Sgarzon crus, the crown jewel of the beautiful Piana Rotaliana, which now come in the exclusive “Cilindrica” version. Cylindrical is the shape of the earthenware amphorae in which they are aged for a year, thanks to which these Morei and Sgarzon selections enhance their fresh and subtle, snappy and dynamic traits.

Tasting Note

The Teroldego Morei Cilindrica sees fruit sourced from a warm vineyard site characterized by long sun hours and alluvial soils with large round rocks. This is an exuberant and generous expression that never holds back. You get ripe fruit that is succulent, soft and rich in fiber.