Domaine de L’Ecu is in the appellation of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, near the city of Nantes, on the Atlantic Coast of France. More specifically, it consists of 22 hectares in La Bretonnière near the town of Le Landreau, in an area that benefits from significant winds off of the Atlantic that play a key role in moderating the temperature and helping to prevent diseases that occur in otherwise wet viticultural areas.

Tasting Notes

Hailing from the young vines off this biodynamic estate, this is the entry point for L’Ecu’s range, but the 2022 Classic offers more than the average, having been hand-harvested, wild fermented and generally had very little intervention. It is a mellow, supple style that caresses the palate and offers bruised apple, floral and nougat flavours. There’s a fine, sandy texture on the finish.