The family estate Alois Lageder is a synonym for the highest standard of quality in viticulture and winemaking, for a sustainable, holistic corporate philosophy, and for a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic activities. Founded in 1823, and now directed by Alois Lageder and Alois Clemens Lageder, representing the fifth and sixth generation of family ownership, the estate combines tradition and innovation. The Alto Adige region offers an enormous variety of sites, exposures, soils and microclimates, and thus the best prerequisites for highly individual wines, marked by distinctive terroir.

Tasting Notes

The Alois Lageder Alto Adige Chardonnay Löwengang is a terrific wine that delivers much of the intensity and texture you can expect of barrique-fermented Chardonnay, without any residual heaviness. In fact, the wine is tonic and bright with vivid orchard fruit, Golden Delicious apple, honey and toasted almond. Löwengang’s balance is spot on, and the wine achieves nice levels of freshness, richness and length.