The origin of the refinement and elegance of Pibarnon wines lies in its captivating site overlooking the Mediterranean, where the vines, planted on restanques (traditional Provençal dry-stone retaining walls) up to 300 metres above sea level, live in perfect symbiosis with a carefully preserved ecosystem and an exceptional local soil. Those factors on their own would justify the estate’s classification as a “clos” or a “climate”, like the great wines of Burgundy.

A blend of 65% Mourvedre, 35% Cinsault

Tasting Notes

“The rosé 2020 is surprisingly balanced before setting. Its nose vibrates with still primary aromas, which only ask to become more complex. Still dense, a little collected, it will only take a few months to relax, stretch out, deliver its bouncy phases in the mouth and finally end with this saline finish that characterizes it. A unique style that has become classic at the Domaine, the one we have been working on for 40 years.”

It accompanies a colourful, inventive cuisine, with sweet and rare spices. A rosé from the 4 seasons, airy, thirst-quenching and fruity the first months; then more mineral, complex, long and structured afterwards. Red mullet, bottarga, saffron, acorn-fed iberico ham, anchovy, roquefort, arugula, here are some delicate and refined dishes. Asia, raw fish, garlic, some white meats will also lift it into the best spheres.

*Organic Viticulture