The Reyneke vineyards are herbicide, pesticide and fungicide free. Just like any organic vineyard should be. Instead of spraying weeds with poison, companion plants are carefully selected and grown amongst the vines to out compete the weeds. These companion plants have the ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, help break up compacted soil or even harbour a beneficial insect or two. The Reyneke farm is independently certified, which honestly and transparently says that they are practicing what they preach. By allowing Dandelion ‘weeds’ to grow, they ensure that the measly Mealybug lives on its roots rather than the vines. Instead of using systemic fungicides they use very limited amounts of natural fungicides like copper and sulphur. And they are even trying to do away with these natural fungicides. It’s early days yet but they’re trying to replace them entirely and only apply biological controls like trichoderma and metabolite. With these basics right, it’s only natural to take organics to the next level. Specific biodynamic preparations are added to the compost and applied directly to the vineyards. These preparations consist of specially formulated herbal, mineral and organic substances that enhance the soil, and simultaneously boost plant and animal life.

Tasting Notes

Reyneke Cornerstone is an award-winning South African red blend that showcases the very best of organic and biodynamic winemaking. Comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz grapes, this wine is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and sustainable practices. The result is a full-bodied wine with a deep garnet hue, aromas of dark fruit and tobacco, and a long, lingering finish.
This classical Bordeaux style blend combines freshness with real concentration, showcasing the best of Stellenbosch. Intense notes of blackcurrant, star anise, thyme with underlying dark fruit complete the nose of this blend. A core of dark fruit on the palate, combined with a good tannin structure and great complexity, makes this wine linger on the palate.