The Reyneke estate now includes a total of 37 ha (91 acres) with vines growing on 30 ha of them and animals such as cows, ducks, chickens and guinea fowl on the rest. Since he established biodynamic techniques in the vineyard (Reyneke has been certified biodynamic since 2004).

They believe there’s a lot to be said for the way winemaking used to be. There were no chemicals, no “technological advancements” that made the process a process, and natural balance was more important than balance sheets.

Some people dismiss it as old-fashioned nostalgia, but they like to think of it as ancient wisdom. And they embrace it as much as we can. Not just because it’s better for the earth, but because it makes for better wine.

Back when the Reyneke farm first began as ‘Uitzicht’ in 1863, there were no chemicals or technological advancements. Just the land and nature.

It’s the kind of balance that’s far more important than ensuring the spreadsheets all balance out. And it’s the true, time-honoured tradition of winemaking.

The 2019 Organic Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon is made up of a blend of 85% Shiraz and 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon. 25% of the wine spent eight months in older oak barrels after which the assemblage is made up and bottled. The limited oak contact makes this red wine smooth and approachable right now. 

Tasting Notes

The nose is spicy, with aromas of black pepper, plum, cherry and cedar wood. There is also a light perfume of violets and plum on the nose. The palate is well balanced and structured, with juicy fresh tannins and a dry finish. Distinct notes of red fruit and spice on the palate, all add to this complex and enjoyable wine.

*Organic Viticulture