Château Miraval sits at the foot of Via Aurelia – an extensive route built to facilitate Roman expansion in the 3rd century BC – representing centuries of history. Following Celtic settlement and Roman occupation, the property served as host to monastic practice and as home to members of the French court, appearing in the Registry of Noble Houses in the 14th century. In 1970, the well-known jazz pianist and composer Jacques Loussier took ownership of Château Miraval, turning it into a recording studio – Le Studio de Miraval. There, a number of famous musicians like Pink Floyd, Sting, Sade, The Cranberries, and The Gipsy Kings came to record music. Today, Château Miraval is owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and has become a place dedicated to the arts. Château Miraval’s exclusive valley location embodies an exceptional terroir. Terroir is the expression of the soil, the climate, and the history of the land – the essence of the wine.

The Rolle is vinified in tulip-shaped concrete vats with a rounded bottom. This ovoid shape creates a natural convection movement that suspends the lees creating the same effect as a batonnage. This results in a wines that keep their fruitiness and acidity but also gives texture and body.
100% Rolle

Tasting Notes

Elegant, very pale colour with subtle green reflections. With great finesse, the nose opens up with delicate notes of white flowers and citrus. Balanced and fresh, the palate reveals the same seductive aromas and ends with a superb saline finish which offers beautiful length.