The unswerving dedication of the Gallo family to vineyards and wines, dating back over a century, is rooted in the labour and determination of family members such as Basilio, Stelio, Gianfranco and their relatives.

Gianfranco, who has managed the estate since 1978, introduced radical and far-reaching viticultural programmes and has devoted painstaking attention to winemaking practices; these initiatives have given the stamp of unique personality to the wines of Vie di Romans over the last 30 years.

There were a number of important steps in this historic process. 1978 saw the first bottling and label on the market, followed by vineyard reorganization aiming at improving quality in 1982; in 1989 the new three-storey winery building was erected. Wines from distinct vineyards were produced separately beginning in 1990, and in 1992, with the release of the 1990 vintage, the custom was established of releasing all whites a full two years after harvest.

Tasting Notes

Sauvignon “Piere” is one of the most famous and appreciated labels of the Friulian winery le Vie di Romans. The famous French semi-aromatic grape variety is among the international ones, the one that best expresses itself in the Friulian lands and is certainly among the most beloved for its characteristic aromas and scents. The climate with Mediterranean overtones, mild and breezy, allows Sauvignon to ripen perfectly and give a white wine that is very pleasant to drink, intense and broad.
Sauvignon wine “Piere” Vie di Romans is a label that illustrates very well the personality of the Isonzo area, with aromatically very ripe and rich wines accompanied by a clear freshness. In the glass, it is straw yellow in colour with slight greenish highlights. The elegant varietal richness of the grape variety is expressed with aromas of white flowers, citrus peel, yellow fruit, peach, pineapple, exotic fruit, gooseberry, and hints of medicinal herbs. On the sip, it is long, rich and complex, with a fresh and harmonious finish. It is a white particularly suitable for pairing with shellfish, fish in sauce, asparagus or delicate white meats.