It is in Sicily, in the western part of the island, in Marsala, that Marco De Bartoli strongly believing in the viticulture traditions of his territory, rediscovers and nourishes the deep root between the traditional and innovative methods of working the soil and winemaking.

Looking for an excellent quality, combined with the respect for Sicilian wine traditions, Marco chooses native grapes, especially Grillo, cultivated in Sicily since the Phoenician age and main grape of the classic Marsala wine, and Zibibbo, from which is obtained the well-known Moscato Passito of Pantelleria.

A passionate research started from Marco De Bartoli that continues today thanks to his children, Renato, Sebastiano and Giuseppina and that, during the last years, has focused more and more on vintage wine production, monovarietal and native wines.

Tasting Notes

The “Sole e Vento” presents in the glass with an intense straw yellow colour. The nose admirably combines the characteristics of the respective areas of origin of the grapes, therefore the marine dryness of the Grillo, made of brackish gusts and burnt wheat, alternates with the generosity of Zibibbo fruit, apricot and lemon. The sip is soft and on the fruit, but toned down by a punctual contribution of freshness and flavour that constantly invites you to take a new sip.