Château de Lacquy estate lies in Gascony, approximately 110 kilometres south of Bordeaux, in the Landes area of Gascony known as Bas-Armagnac. Owned by the same family since 1711, Château de Lacquy is the oldest family-owned estate producing Armagnac. Run for over 300 years by successive generations of men and women who are passionate about their calling, the estate is a veritable journey in time due to this remarkable stability and continuity.

Today, the estate covers approximately 400 hectares of adjoining land. Vineyards growing the grapes that produce the Armagnac cover twenty-two hectares of land. The estate has always maintained a tradition of excellence and pursues the same demanding standard today. Every single step in the process of making the Armagnac, from tending the grapevines to making the wine, distillation, ageing and bottling, is performed on the estate in the tradition that is over three centuries old.

Chateau Lacquy 1983 is a blend of Baco (80%) and Ugni-blanc (20%) Armagnac distilled in 1983 and aged through to the present time in 420-litre oak barrels, in the wine cellars at Château de Lacquy. Excellent finesse. Aromas of spice, pepper stands out. Freshness and length, outstanding complexity and amplitude. Flavours of roasted almond, finale of cocoa.