Monique Poulet and Michael Perzinsky, founders of Algoplus make the most of the low tide at Roscoff to gather armfuls of seaweed. In 1993, working with seaweed seemed the obvious choice for these two ocean enthusiasts.

Algoplus specialises in edible seaweed, offing a retail range called «Les Authentiques»: Sea spaghetti, tartar, spreadable, condiments…all seaweed-based. Algoplus is an artisanal sea factory, which has been harvesting and processing seaweed since 1993.

At Roscoff, Algoplus harvests a dozen different varieties of seaweed and transforms them into unusual food products (green sea beans, sea parsley, vegetable mustard…). Part of the harvest is also reserved for manufacturing cosmetics.

Monique and Michael are two indefatigable creators constantly inspired by the richness of Roscoff’s products to launch new challenges.


This onion confit has a slightly fruity taste, making it ideal with foie gras when served cold. It can also be used in deglazing sauces or can be consumed with a pan-fried liver, duck breast, roast pork or game.

Ingredients:  Onions of Roscoff PDO 89%, sugar, alcohol vinegar, salt, pepper.

No GMO’s and no ionisation treatment of raw materials and products.