Olivier Roellinger

Passionate about spices, he seeks the finest quality, favoring organic crops and fair trade. In the Maison de Bricourt, in Cancale, its blends of spices, oils and aromatics are created and manufactured. He opened “Épices-Roellinger warehouses – shops” in Cancale, Saint-Malo and Paris, as well as a site dedicated to spices.

” As champagne is a blended wine, this blend is a blended pepper comprising several of the best vintages in order to achieve a balance. I made this pepper blend in 1984 after discovering that all peppers have different flavour characteristics. This blend offers a balance to take advantage of the character of each type of pepper present in this blend. At first, a beautiful finesse seduces us, then a power of flavours invades us to finish with a great length in the mouth. Today, pepper is present in all the kitchens of the world and represents a link between men. It is perhaps the symbol of globalization in a good way.” (Olivier Roellinger)

The blend of Poivre des Mondes® was created in 1984 by Olivier Roellinger and has become a great classic.

Thanks to the balance of the flavours of the six peppers (white pepper, black pepper, Sichuan pepper, cubeb, maniguette, long pepper), you will bring character to your kitchen without upsetting it. Poivre des Mondes® can be used on all your dishes (vinaigrettes, fish, meats, vegetables).

A balance to take advantage of the character of each pepper.
ADVICE To grind with a mill, on all your dishes.