Almost 4,300 farms, some of them very small, make up the rich and infinitely diverse fabric of the Cognac region. Individually, no one cru is better than the other. Grosperrin Cognac works with over 150 owners in all six crus – or growing areas – of the appellation. Each cognac selected is the result of the perfect interplay of soil, climate and the men and women and their traditions. One of Grosperrin’s ultimate ambitions is to achieve the perfect expression of this terroir. The soil composition influences the humidity content and the quality of the wines. Because of their constant moderate humidity, the slopes of the Bons Bois or Bois Ordinaires produce some remarkable cognacs.

Tasting Notes

Old gold robe. Luscious nose, sweet, candied fruits, almost roasted. Saline touch, which makes it pleasant, and makes you want to dive into the glass. On the palate, the attack is soft, thick, with warm and gourmet notes. The tannins are discreet, but perfectly integrated. This cognac is already mature, on top of its game.