Created in 1932 by Georges Hilliet near the fishing port of Quiberon, opposite Belle-Île-en-Mer, the Conserverie la Belle-Iloise has been manufacturing and distributing canned fish for over 85 years. Passed down from generation to generation, the Conserverie la belle-iloise has remained a family business that has grown while remaining faithful to its founding values: those of people from a place, the fishing port of Quiberon, and its universe , the sea…

A company concerned with conserving resources. A family business, the Conserverie la Belle-Iloise has a long-term vision and transmission. The concern to perpetuate resources is at the heart of its development and is intrinsically part of its values. On a daily basis, the Conserverie uses the resources at its disposal in a thoughtful manner, in all areas: environmental, social and societal.

“La Conserverie la belle-iloise engages in responsible fishing daily commitment is to select our fishermen who, like us, are concerned with respect for natural resources and the environment. We work with different fish while respecting the seasonality of the species, the minimum fishing size while selecting the methods of capture. “

  • Fish waste is 100% recycled, dedicated to animal feed. 
  • The sardine cooking oil is 100% revalued for the production of bio-fuel
  • The Cannery weaves local partnerships with fishermen selected for the quality of their work and respect for the resource.
  • The cannery recycles the water from the tanks which is used to sterilize cans, for cleaning the production site.

The Sardines with 2 Peppers – A strong, but not too sardine, subtle and balanced in the spirit of the Conserverie la belle-iloise. The peppers are not there to mask the tastes: if there are two, it is to widen the palette of flavors and add beautiful colorful nuances. The lemon brings a fruity note, while the extra virgin olive oil rounds off the whole.

A festival of aromas full of colors!

Ingredients : Sardines (70%), extra virgin olive oil (15.7%), lemon (3.65%), water, red peppers and green peppers (3.5%), alcohol vinegar, salt, spices, potato starch.