Combining traditional knowledge with modern methods, Mandranova products are not only of excellent quality, but are true expressions of the land and people of Sicily. The farm, owned and operated by the dynamic husband and wife team, Giuseppe and Silvia, is situated on a hill just a few miles from the Southern sea in a green oasis where select olive trees, some over one hundred years old, grow to witness the labor of the area’s ancestors. Here they produce the finest quality monocultivar extra virgin olive oils that are expressions of their land, sun and terroir. The olives are harvested by hand from mid-September to October and immediately crushed in their own on-site mill. An accurate control process of each stage of production yields a product of the highest quality, continually recognized by prestigious awards throughout Italy and across the globe. Multicultivar is a mix of native cultivars.

Tasting Notes

Medium fruity rich in vegetal notes of artichoke, lettuce, white apple and sweet almond. Bitter and spicy present and persistent. Ideal on seafood salads, boiled vegetables, bruschetta with vegetables, lentil salads, vegetable couscous, fresh stretched curd cheeses.