The Bronca sisters, Antonella and Ersiliana, established their estate 20 years ago, to specialize in sparkling Prosecco from their 20 hectares of vineyard of old-vine Prosecco. The wine is classified as a Prosecco Colli Conegliano DOCG, the region having recently achieved DOCG status as of April 2010.

The Sorelle Bronca Winery produces traditional local wines which demonstrate how man is able to get the best from nature. The wines are grown in the family-owned vineyards which are cared for with genuine passion. The Winery’s research focuses on finding natural solutions; this resulted in ground-breaking experimentation with new, more natural vine-protection treatments as well as exploration into spontaneous fermentation in the vineyard. The Bronca sisters strive to bring a modern vision to traditional techniques, one such example being the creation of companion crops from a variety of plant species.

Cru with an emblematic name. “68” is in fact, based on the cadastral subdivision, the number of the central parcel of the hill in Colbertaldo where the vineyards are located. Wide olfactory range with elegant and complex fruit aromas. The flavor has a fullness of taste which confirms the promises of the sense of smell.

Well supported in balance and elegance. The perfectly integrated carbon dioxide contributes to enhancing the precious sensations found on the nose.

” The Particella 68, our first single-vineyard has been a family property for a long time, just a few steps from the winery. It is a wine born as an alternative vision to Cartizze, to meet the needs of our consumer. With the support of oenologist Federico Giotto, we discovered Colbertaldo’s terroir in this “piece of land”, which develops between 150 and 200 meters, thanks to its calcareous soil, south-east exposure, and temperature range offers a unique expression, elegant, creamy, with intense notes of apple and acacia flowers and gentle on the palate.”

Tasting Notes

This has always been one of my favorite sparkling wines from northeast Italy. The Sorelle Bronca NV Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Particella 68 Brut is a single-vineyard expression (from parcel 68). The wine boasts a beautiful and delicate bouquet with wild flowers, soft peach, white violets and honey. The quality of the bubbling is fine and laser sharp. You get excellent value here. [91+ Points, Monica Larner –]