Non-filtered. Arianna Occhipinti named her small-production extra virgin olive oil, “Gheta”, after her grandmother, whose family has been making olive oil since the 1600s. Arianna makes this herself using traditional methods from organically grown olives of Nocellara del Belice variety that’s native to Sicily. Occhipinti’s olive trees are 80 years old and produce fragrant, uniquely flavored olive oil.

Production Zone: Castelvetrano, Contrada Latomie
Variety: Nocellara del Belice
Agriculture: Natural
Training System: Umbrella Netting System
Average Age of Trees: 80 Yeas
Harvesting: Beginning in November, Manual harvest
Extraction: Continuous Cold Cycle
Storage: In stainless steel vats
Appearance: Radiant
Colour: Golden Yellow with green hues
Aroma: Intense and Fresh
Taste: Fruit and balanced
Density: Medium-High
Use: For both cooking and finishing