Peugeot Saveurs is located in Quingey, East of France, next to the Swiss border.  The company employs around 180 employees and it manufactures the most famous mills in the World. Everything is made in this French factory, leader in export sales : design, technical development, as well as products manufacturing. Wood is turned, varnished, or painted; mechanisms are stamped, carefully assembled with such an expert know how. From their homeland, Made in France, products are exported all around the world, in more than 80 countries.

As with all Peugeot glasses in the Esprit 180 collection, the Esprit 180 Casual red wine glass will appeal to you with its elegance, technical features and practicality. Made of hand-blown glass, this red wine glass presents a soft shape, with fine elegant curves. The bowl has been studied to meet the requirements of glasses of Bordeaux and fruity reds such as Beaujolais. The Esprit 180 Casual red wine glass works to enhance complex aromas and to offer you great flavour. You can also decide to make it an elegant water glass. The Esprit Casual glass is dishwasher safe.