Les Salines de Millac the « marais breton », was most famous from the 14th to the 16th century, exporting its harvests to the countries on the northern Atlantic coast. It was closed in 1947. Ten years ago, a young couple Emmanuel Violleau and Nathalie Lechat decided to joined forces to put it back on the map, using their energy and very little help from a bank. After one year of hard work, they had their first harvest. Today, Millac’s production is small 2,60 hectares (6,43 acres) of salt ponds, 11 hectares (27 acres) total land, 58 french tons (64 US tons) of coarse salt (sel gris) and 5% of fleur de sel. This is what makes it special, along with their attention to every detail of the process. Millac is beautiful, Guérande is beautiful, Millac is strictly local and ecological.

The first salt delicately harvested from the surface of the carnation, fleur de sel is characterized by its fine, white crystals.